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Bombardier club

Congratulations to all fans of outdoor equipment!!

WELCOME to the world of adventure, fun and relaxing holiday - the world of Bombardier club! Bombardier club – motorized recreation club for owners of aqua bikes, ATVs and snowmobiles. The club was created to organize a joint holidays, socializing, share of experiences and filling life with drive. Bombardier club holds competitions, snow-quadro-aqua-safaris in all types of equipment, holidays, open seasons, and organizes expeditions to unusual extreme routes.

Bombardier Club:

  • informal organization, which unites the owners of recreational equipment.
  • neither a legal entity, nor a public organization or a political union.
  • unites those who love life.
  • created with the aim of strengthening the spirit of excellence, socializing, sharing experiences and holidays.

Requirements for membership in Bombardier Club

  1. Bombardier club member may be anyone who owns recreational equipment and agrees with the objectives of the Club.
  2. To join the Bombardier club to fill out a questionnaire(data privacy is guaranteed) and send it to us by e-mail:
  3. The members of the Bombardier Club are invited to participate in all events organized or supported by Bombardier Club and the company Eurasia Motors.
  4. The members of the Bombardier-club first in Kazakhstan receive catalogs of all types of machinery, which are represented in a company Eurasia Motors.
  5. The members of the Bombardier Club receive our newsletter, coupled with a company Eurasia Motors and Bombardier Club.

Bombardier club charter

Bombardier Club - a voluntary association of citizens, bringing together the owners of this equipment (snowmobiles, jet skis, boats, ATVs), to jointly implement the goals and objectives, to protect their legitimate social, economic, artistic, cultural, sporting and other interests under the present Charter. The organizing committee conducts for members of Bombardier's Club various sports and recreational activities.

Charter of bombardier club