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Bombarider club charter

Bombarider club - a public non-profit organization :

  • association of people, owners of recreational equipment (snowmobiles, ATVs, watercrafts, ATVs, boats, motorcycles)
  • Club of enthusiastic people who love life, adventure, travel,
  • Club of people that are open to cooperation and partnership,

Club holds a variety of sports and entertainment events.

General Provisions

  • Club activity is based on the principles of self-government, voluntary participation, equality of its members, legality and transparency.
  • The activities of the Club shall be in accordance with the Constitution of RK, the RK legislation, this Charter.
  • Location of the permanent governing body (the Bureau) Club - Kazakhstan, Almaty, Utegen Batir str 11a, Eurasia ST.

Aims and objectives of the Club

The objectives of the Club are:

  • Promoting active, healthy lifestyles,
  • Involvement in the club new members
  • Holding club events and promotions
  • Demonstration of new technology.
  • Promotion and popularization of technical kinds of tourism and sport to promote the harmonious development of personality, health and healthy lifestyles;

Club in accordance with the statutory purposes performs the following tasks and activities in accordance with law:

  • organizes the production of official attributes of the Club;
  • organizes and carries out duties, hiking, expeditions, festivals, competitions and other tourist and sports activities, both on the territory of our country and abroad;
  • executes fundraising on volunteer basis from organizations and individuals to implement the statutory purposes;
  • performs any other activities not prohibited by applicable law and aimed achieving the statutory goals and objectives of the Club.

In order to achieve the statutory goals and objectives of the Club is entitled in accordance with applicable law:

  • to freely disseminate information on its activities;
  • to carry out charitable activities;
  • to determine the order form and fees associated with the Club's staff and attracted specialists;
  • carry out foreign trade activities;
  • enter into international (non-) Clubs, maintain direct international contacts and networks to enter into appropriate agreements;
  • open branches in the regions, representative offices abroad, to organize foreign trips of the Club, the reception of foreign experts and athletes.

Rights and obligations of members of the Club

Club members may be:

  • enjoy the support, protection and assistance of the Club;
  • equal with all common rights and be part of the Club;
  • has the right to elect and be elected to the Board of the Club and the Organizing Committee,
  • participate in events held by the Club;
  • make proposals concerning the activities of the Club and participate in the discussion and implementation;
  • free to withdraw from the Club members;

Club members must:

  • know and abide the Charter of the Club;
  • respect colleagues and their personal opinion;
  • provide full support and assistance to fellow club members;
  • regularly attend Club gatherings
  • not to commit acts that violate the Charter of the Club, ethics of friendly relations, as well as actions that cause moral or material damage to the Club, to refrain from activities that are contrary to the purposes and goals of the Club.

Termination of membership:

  • freedom of exit from the club is complete and depends only on the willingness of members of the Club;
  • exclusion from members of the Club is made at a general meeting by a majority vote of all present members of the Club;
  • Termination of membership in the Club could also be done by personal initiative expressed in an oral statement