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Hypermarket’s director page of Eurasia Motors

Our hypermarket of recreational equipment designed by the project of foreign partners in compliance with international standards of sales and service of recreational equipment.

We are situated in the automotive shopping center Autotown in Almaty. You can find us at zero floor. It’s unexpected for many visitors to see a luminous display, PDP TV, huge variety of goods, boats, snowmobiles, jet skis, goods for fishing, clothing etc. As a director, I am pleased to hear phrases as: «Wow, why I haven’t been here before!».

Hypermarket is divided into three main zones. Area accessible to all visitors, the store itself on both sides of which there are closed areas. Service center equipped with the latest technology. If you get to the service center, you are greeted by our charming manager and head of the service center. I'm always amazed at his ability to precisely and accurately diagnose equipment to determine the cause of breakdowns.

Team at the service center are nice, smart and responsible guys. Our mechanics do presale work of equipment, repairs, maintenance, both in Almaty and the whole of Kazakhstan. Service team able to visit customers at their site and provide them exclusive service on their vehicles. We are getting continuous highly appreciated feedbacks from our customers.

Another type of service is presale work of exclusive goods. An example yachts sold are given to customers with flowers, champagne, wine glasses, towels and many more additional features.

Another area closed from the eyes of outsiders - Distribution Division. In includes training center to educate dealers and company personnel and for press conferences. It also includes dining room and office itself.

Special word about our girls brand manager. Imagine ordering snowmobile motors, motor homes, motorcycles, etc. All that make happen to our girls.

Clever, beautiful, athletes - well, seriously, don’t get tired to admire them - they know English, knowledgeable in technology updates, communicate with suppliers on constant basis, looking for worldwide dealers to desired model of technology as quickly as they are delivered, overcoming the long road to Kapchagay and back to prepare the boat for delivery at any time of day. Now you understand where my admiration comes from?!


Let’s get to the hypermarket section now.


Hypermarket - hyper, because it’s huge; because there is all that is necessary for the buyer. Goods are laid out on the separate shelves. Staff always ready to serve our customers. If there are complex issues, we can always respond to them, inviting from the distribution department our great minds - service managers. To speed service throughout the store monitors are installed with an indication of residual warehouse, located in the supermarket. Hypermarket forwarders help us deliver to the whole of Kazakhstan.

Special Zone - VIP room, a comfortable place for negotiations, business lunches. I love this place for the soft, comfortable couches, fragrant smell of coffee, a large plasma panel, where you can see all the new recreational equipment. Provided even shower - well, that's for what, you would say, I thought so too. Designers bothered about those clients who came down from the mountains on an ATV’s, send them to the service center, and taking a shower, under a cup of coffee watching the screen, as their vehicle serves at the center. Even touring the world on a motorcycle sportsmen stopped by our hypermarket to observe the service we provide.

Project of our hypermarket implemented with foreign partners, but we added to it many years of sales experience, certified management quality standards ISO 9001-2008, the love of clients, welcoming environment and qualified team of staff. It turned out, it seems to us very well.